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now im single again i really wish i had a good group of girl friends to have sleepovers with and go out partying with. im really jealous of those groups of girlfriends who’ve known each other years and do everything together. do other girls feel like this??? i know im in this predicament because there are two types of girl- girly girls who get along with other girls and just wanna go out and shop and pull and hate other girls who infiltrate their group, and girls who generally get along with boys better than girls, and only really bond with other girls who get along with boys better than girls. i am the second therefore find it really hard to build real friendships with girls. my two bffls are boys (ones gay but still) though i do have girl friends who i know and see fairly often, but most of them are just acquaintances and if i ever wanna go out shopping or just into town id usually go with one of the boys instead. i cant blame it on girls being bitchy because i am bitchy and probably would also be picky about which ones id be friends with, but we all have things in common so i dont see why we all wouldnt get along gr8. i think its really important to have these strong friendships with people in life and it upsets me that i dont have that and i dont think anyone feels like i am their actual proper friend either. i think ive thought this for a while, or ive watched too much simple life and i want someone to get upto mischief with

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